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2021 April 22 Daily puzzle answers

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Complete 7 Little Words Answers, Solution for all packs and daily puzzles. 7 Little Words is one of the most popular games for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In the game, you will discover that each bite size puzzle comes with 7 mystery words, 7 clues, and 20 letter groups.
It’s not quite a crossword, though it has words and clues. It’s not quite an anagram puzzle, though it has scrambled words. It’s definitely not a trivia quiz, though it has the occasional reference to geography, history, and science. 7 Little Words is a unique game you just have to try!
Whether you are a book worm (especially if you like reading the dictionary) or you just enjoy adding to your vocabulary, 7 Little Words will give you the daily mental workout your brain needs. You can play our unique little puzzles anywhere – in the checkout line, in a waiting room, or even on a road trip. It’s not just a word game for adults – many fans tell us they play 7 Little Words with the whole family!
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Clue Solution
Flat French hats 6 letter answer, click here!
Hit the skids 4 letter answer, click here!
Place to find conductors 7 letter answer, click here!
In the middle of a crime 9 letter answer, click here!
Don't judge a book by it 5 letter answer, click here!
De rigueur 10 letter answer, click here!
Noiselessly 8 letter answer, click here!